Tricks & Tips on Playing DominoQQ Online Games

Tricks & Tips on Playing DominoQQ Online Games

Tips and the right techniques in playing DominoQQ Online has always been a hot topic in the discussion of online players in the world.

Many people who do not really understand how the right way to play dominoes in order to win easily.

Here are tips and strategies for playing Domino QQ online or Domino QQ so you can win easily.

Wait for a Good Initial Card.
For those of you who have played this game, you will know and understand the point of this point. Each player in this game, when the first round starts each player will first get 2 cards as a hand Agen Poker Terbaik

Here the players can see the numbers from your card. If the player gets a low number like 4 or 5 and so on. Better not to continue.

Immediately, you fold and wait for the next round.

If you’ve been playing for a long time, you will understand more about this trick, and therefore not many players who often get the number nine at the beginning.

Domino QQ Does Not Use Bluffing Technique
For those who recommend that you use the bluffing technique in this game, you better not follow.

Bluffing technique is a bluff technique, aka placing big bets even though your cards are small cards, aka not good.

The goal is to expect the opposing player to retreat or fold so that he does not play against your card.

Thus automatically you will win just by holding a small card compared to your opponents who fold.

But in fact in Domino QQ online, this technique is not very effective.

Although it can be used, the percentage of success in this way is only 3% while the possibility of losing by using this trick can reach 90% more

Why is that?

Because in this type of game, the people who continue the game are the people who hold good cards at the beginning as in the first point.

Whereas if the players’ bad cards start, 95% of them will fold without continuing the game or raising the bet.

And if you do the bluffing technique, you will definitely lose, because most likely your opponent will hold a big card, therefore, this method is not effective in online domino qq games.

Get to know the Jackpot Card in DominoQQ Online Games.
There are so many players who do not know that in online domino qq games there are card types that reduce the jackpot.

Such as large pure cards, pure small cards, log cards or twin cards, and also the six god cards.

Often the players who get a bad card prefix do not understand that in fact it is a rare beginning to get the jackpot card.

That is like a small pure card that gives you a small nominal at the beginning, but if it is continued then there is a possibility you get a jackpot, but instead folded by the player.

There is also a delicious deity card, where each of your cards or four cards must have a value of 6 for each card, meaning you will get 2 (6 + 6) at the beginning of the game.

Looking at number 2 on the prefix card, players who don’t know the jackpot card actually fold this card, but if you continue and get the jackpot, you will definitely get the minimum 800 thousand.